So Faith Evans is now a Jordan! You heard me right. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fans are buzzing on social media after multiple reports claimed that star Stevie J is allegedly married to his on-again, off-again girlfriend, R&B singer Faith Evans.

” TMZ broke the story … Stevie avoided going to prison for failing to pay child support. He’s on the hook for over a million bucks. He also battled a nasty child custody case with his ex, Joseline Hernandez.

This would be Stevie’s first marriage and Faith’s third — she was previously married to the Notorious B.I.G. and Todd Russaw, whom she divorced in 2011. (TMZ) “

Twitter has already began to throw flame to this newly weds couple fire. The fans of Faith is not happy with her choice to marry the long friend Stevie J. Not to mention, Joseline Hernandez has aired out her message of proposal from the newly married Stevie J to her, not even 24 hours before his vows of ” I Do” to Faith Evans were made— and of course, the Puerto Rican princess didn’t hold back on the pettiness.

I don’t know what to think of the Stevie J and Faith Evans new marriage surprise. I could see the connection between the two during LNHH and on Stevie J reality show but I never thought they’d take it this far. I think like most of the world, I just didn’t take the relationship serious enough to go beyond reality tv ratings. Maybe in my mind I am still thinking of this reunion as a marketing pitch to lure in the fans for the launch of the couples new video, “A Minute” due July 27th under Danger Zone.

Who am I to deny this couple confessions of love to one another posted on Twitter.Nonetheless, if this is truly a marriage of love, It’s definitely going to be trouble in Danger Zone. We have yet to hear from the First Lady of Danger Zone and Aspiring singer, Estelita Quintero, also known as the Panamanian Goddess and LNHH reality star. With joseline post of proposal on IG from Stevie J and the cat fight that will arise in Danger Zone over the “sleezy” sauce, Faith has really put herself in an unpleasant situation. I hope the two love birds are ready to withstand the heat.

This tea is sizzling! What are your thoughts?

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